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So.. yesterday. Woke up, went to the Eaton Place for lunch with Whitney. Hung out at her house until about 5:30. Then I went home for a few. Then, left for Hawthorne Heights.

Okay, so The Attic. Yeah, definitely sucks. I hate it. I really think that if HH played at the Gathering Grounds, more people would go. But there needs to be a higher age limit. There were kids there that looked, and acted 8 years old. I was so annoyed. All these little kids running around trying to be hardcore. Ah, amusing. But yeah. Um, my nose is kinda swollen today. Even though I probably didn't seem like it, I still had a good time :p Went to Steak 'n Shake afterward. Felt kinda bad that I blew Tristan off, but oh well. He found other people to go with, and I'm sure I had a better time than if I had went with him. Ya know what's fun? When somebody pisses you off at a show, and then they're all standing by you or whatever.. and then you just knock them to the floor. Some dumb bitch.. yeah. I felt so much better after that :D

My mom seriously needs to go grocery shopping. I'm starving in this place. So much sounds good right now, but no, we don't have it. I need to shower. I'm so 10 kinds of disgusting right now.

Boredom, maybe?
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Woke up and laughed at how stupid we used to be

So, it's Saturday and it totally didn't snow like they had planned. It hardly even hit us. Which means........ we're still going to HH tonight! My road's almost clean, so the rest of 35 should be alright. Ah yes!

Yesterday, we had a 2-hour delay. I like knowing about them the night before. Like, really. And so, I definitely got a 59% on my govt. final. I knew I would. I suck at that shit. It was probably the easiest final ever, yet I failed it. GO ME. Last day of Creative Writing was good. We just sat and talked the whole time, and figured out a way for me to get into Short Stories without having to change my schedule, since I have study hall that block. Working in the office was sad. It was my last day. I'm gonna miss it. Except I hate being their bitch sometimes. Oh well. My senior year is officially half over!

Went to Whitney's house at like... 9:30 last night. She asked me if I could come over and stay. On the way there, my mom called and said she'd rather me not stay. She wanted me home before this.. almighty storm hit. Pft... it like, hardly even snowed. So I could have stayed. She called at like, 12:30 and told me that I had been there long enough. She's damn cranky. But whatever. Okay, so I honestly woke up at 11:00 today... on a Saturday... that is totally rare.
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So long and good night

So what sucks? Alright, here's what sucks: It has been snowing since like, 5am. Kids are dumb, and were going around school saying we were getting out early. Which, in all honesty, I think we should've. But no. We didn't. About 2:00, they decided they would let us leave 15 minutes early. wtf? The roads were absolutely ridiculous. Aw, and coming home, I saw this cavelier that I pass everyday. Except, he was turning onto Stover Rd. and slide right into the guardrail, and totalled the front of his car. I felt real bad for him. My road's ridiculously disgusting and snowy. Why??

Ya know, all kids love snow, because that usually means snow days, but the weather couldn't have come at a worse time. We probably won't even have a delay tomorrow (which would suck), but then we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow night, which means that the roads are gonna be all shitty on Saturday, which is Hawthorne Heights. And ya know, that's retarded. For some reason, I'm more excited to see them this time than I was last time. So I'm gonna be real upset if I can't drive to Kettering. However, my beast and it's wonderful front-wheel drive does me a lot of good :D

Speaking of my blue beast... I'm not going to have a car on Monday. It's going in the shop, and getting the entire dashboard taken apart. My stepdad decided to throw in there "if they can get it back together. They've never done one before" Ohhh wtf? If they fuck up my car, I'm gonna be pissed. It's bad enough that I have to be taken to school, but if my car doesn't come back like the piece that it was (being that it's worse), I'll be 10 kinds of pissed. I'm so moody :p And it's cold. This makes me cranky.

PS.. I'm doing good with this whole no meat thing :p Go Rani for the will power!

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Homagod, I love early dismissal days like. More than a lot of things. I'm like, the most forgetful person ever. I forgot to go make up my math quiz today. I was all being busy in the office and forgot to go do it. Friday is my last day working in there, since it's the end of the semester and I think I'm going to miss it. I'm gonna miss knowing the inside scoop from the principal, Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Hill being "Pips" to the music playing and roaming the halls to "deliver notes to students". I'm a retard. Just.. ignore me.

So I go to counseling. I really don't know. I feel like I get lectured more than I communicate with her. hah, We started talking about bands and shows and stuff. She told me about seeing Sammy Hagar... and Pearl Jam <33 omg. But yeah.

Tomorrow is my last fuckin' day of Food & Fitness FOREVER, and I'm going out with a bang. I'm failing my quiz. Not purposely, but because if I've failed all of the others, this one is just gonna take it for the team. And next, onto freakin' Psychology. Definitely not pleased about that one. Whatever. I think I'm gonna miss Creative Writing too. I'm gonna miss being with my crew and the conversations we have in there.

Ew, this entry was so lame. I seriously don't even know why I updated. I just wanted something new to go with the new ej-jay look that I did out of boredom.
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School always tends to make me feel a little better. Like, honestly. Some of my friends just know how to make it alright. Britt and I went to Taco Bell after school. I started to realize that if I left, my problems wouldn't. They still be here, and may even be worse. So I went home. I talked to my mom. Things are alright. Not great, but alright. But apparently a few choice friends decided that they wanted to assume that I'm pissed at them, because I wasn't in the greatest mood at school. Rather than just ask me the problem, assuming things is ALWAYS the best bet. But whatever, ya know? I have just given up on caring. Brittany's probably about the only one that's stuck with me through all of this. And take that as you fucking want to.

Anyhow! So, we talked about meat for an entire like, 80 minutes in Food & Fitness today. I seriously wanted to be sick. I declared myself a vegetarian from that point on. I'm not even kidding. Meat is so disgusting. Look at what you're eating. A cow's ass? Intestines? Stomachs? Ribs? And whatever else they wanna throw into the mix. BLEH! So yeah. My mom laughed, but ya know, oh well.

I was definitely going to say something else, but um, I forgot? It's probably not good that I'm eating like, one meal a day. I eat at lunch, and then don't eat for the rest of the day. Well, aside from having Taco Bell after school. But yeah. Eh, oh well. That's the way it goes. I'm getting pumped for Hawthorne Heights, since it's only like.. 4 days away. Fucking right!

Someone make plans with me some day this week. Sitting at home gets kinda lonely when you aren't really on the internet all the time. I'm such a pathetic life-form. Pul-ease? It would mean a lot to me, ya know!
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I'm fucking grounded. Yeah, get this... all because I won't tell my mom what's wrong. I was in a bad mood earlier. She came in and asked me what was wrong. I said nothing. Just that people suck and I didnt want to talk about it. So she left me alone. Later on, she was like "that computer's about to be gone. You can't get your lazy ass up long enough to do anything." So I went and did homework. I came back on to look up some stuff for gov. She asked me if I was doing homework and that had better be all I do. She walked in and saw an instant message and blew up on me.

She told me to "get it off" and that I wasn't told I could do anything other than homework. That all of my problems start here, on the computer, and the people that I talk to. I was like "what are you talking about? My freaking friends?? It has nothing to do with anyone else!" She goes "Yeah? Then why won't you tell me what's wrong?" I was like "BECAUSE ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Jesus Christ, no wonder I have so many problems!" And she got all pissed off and was like "dont blame this on me! You're done. The computer's gone" WHAT THE FUCK? I LOVE HOW I GET TREATED LIKE I'M FUCKING 12 YEARS OLD.

So um. You should call me and make me feel better. (937) 217-0207 I'm like, fucking hysterically crying for some reason. I just get so pissed off living here. I can't wait until Pittsburg, because this place fucking sucks. I'm gonna be lonely :(

So whatchu wanna do!?

LJ totally fuckin' sucks. Not that I've wanted to update, but just... I read things. And not being able to read things makes me bored. Myspace and Xanga don't entertain me enough. So alright... anyhow.

Friday, Britt and I went to Beavercreek to Tony's work. We talked for a few and then he asked if we wanted to go to some party later. I said okay, but I don't think she wanted to. Went to Kettering, bought my Hawthorne Heights ticket, cause Tristan didn't buy it for me. Came back home. Got ready and then went to Beavercreek. Met Tony at the gas station and followed him over to Wright State. She decided she didn't want to go anymore. So she dropped me off and went to her brother's house. Me and Tony walked in, and it was all guys. He wasn't happy that she wasn't there. So he called her and we went to her brother's. Stayed there until about 12 or so. We were all so tired. I stayed up until about 3am.

I woke up about 11. We sat around forever. My mom somehow got Britt's dad's cell phone number and called him to check and make sure I was being honest with her about where I was Friday night. Whatever, I guess. Then we went to the laundromat. Brittany put a sign up "Looking for a good time? Call.. " and then put my cell phone number, lol. We just wanna see how long it'll stay there and if anyone actually will call it. Went home about 5. We were together for about 27 hours :o Anyway... showered and what not. Then hung out with Jerome. I'm such a lame person to hang out with. Like, seriously. No wonder no one wants to hang out with me :p

I saw Aaron on Friday. It made me sad. Why the hell do I still miss someone that treated me like shit? Ugh. It pisses me off. I need someone that can get my mind off him and that will let me forget about him. Like, really. Whatever.
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I'm a dropout. ohoh baby

I woke up this morning and went back to bed. I'm too lazy for the school scene. Like, seriously. A field trip to the grocery store? wtf.. I felt like I was in second grade again. It was 10 kinds of lame. Got me out of school though.

Um, well I got my oil changed today. I decided that after my car started smelling like burnt plastic and mothballs, it needed to be changed. To be honest, it just needed some. My car had about oh um.. NO oil in it. I'm surprised it didn't blow up.

Went to Brookeville with Whitney today. Then we spent the rest of the night working on our math project. More like Jerome figuring out how to do it and then her doing the rest, and me copying it. I'm such a cheat. So I tried doing the last part by myself and it didn't even come out right. I give up. Ew, I suck at school.

So um... make plans with me for the weekend. I require friends. Your reward will be my undying love for the rest of eternity. And I swear.
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